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WordPress: Things You Didn’t Know

By stepon / On October 27, 2019 / In WordPress

WordPress is one of the greatest CMS (Content Management System) ever built.

It powers 30% of the web, with a 5% increase in two and a half years. The percentage is growing smoothly as there’s no other easy and free CMS like WordPress.

It’s open-source, you can download and install directly to your file manager and manage your websites. This is the flexibility that is catching businesses, bloggers, and marketers to select WordPress for building their online empires.

Not only this, it has got a huge database for themes and plugins.

Looking for additional functionality? Find a plugin for that and that’s it.

Surprisingly, here are some features and facts that you don’t know about WordPress:

#1. Affiliate Program

Whether you own a product or offer services online, you can set up your own affiliate program and let users make money.

You don’t require any technical knowledge to create an affiliate program as Ultimate Affiliate Pro is there for you. This cool plugin lets you provide a premium platform for your affiliates with different rewards and commissions on ranks or special offers you post.

Yes, you can turn your website into a money making machine where others do the hard work of generating sales and you make money.

#2. Content Distribution

Every business/blog/website uses social apps to distribute their content to a wider audience. While there are several social platforms available, it takes time to share your content on each of them.

There comes the automatic content distribution that WordPress offers. As soon as you hit the ‘publish’ button, your content is shared everywhere. Just connect your accounts to the automatic content distribution plugin and you’re ready to go.

WordPress Automatic Plugin is one of the top rated automation plugin to distribute your content automatically with no hassle.

#3. Selling Advertisements

Just like an affiliate program that lets you make money, you can sell your blog space for advertisements. You might have seen an “advertising” page at authority blogs that shares details about charges with ad types and sizes.

With WordPress, you have the flexibility to place ads anywhere. Not only by using third-party ads like Adsense, you can also start with your own advertisement manager.

We have got a plugin Ads Pro that can help you sell ad spaces directly. You have the authority to charge according to your choice. Your blog, your way!

Some Miscellaneous Facts About WordPress

According to reports, WordPress is the mostly used CMS for web development and content distribution. Here are some facts that you didn’t know:

  • The term “Wordpress” is searched for 2,740,000+ times every month.
  • Every 6 months, 1.1 million+ WordPress domains are registered.
  • This may sound weird but WordPress gets 132 million spam messages every month.
  • Collectively, users publish 41.7 million new posts and 60.5 million new comments are posted every month.
  • Being an open-source CMS, it is available in 62 languages.
  • And this one is  about the money WordPress geeks make; an average WP developer makes $48,185 a month.

The Bottom Line

There’s still a lot to learn about the CMS that powers a quarter of the total web pages on the internet. The reason is its flexibility as you can code your way, whether its a plugin or a theme, you have the complete control. Yes, you’re the BOSS when it comes to WordPress!