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Why Digital Marketing Is Important?

By stepon / On August 14, 2022 / In seo

The primary focus of any business would be on getting more and more customers. But for many businesses, making the right decision in case of marketing is a difficult task.

Just selecting a sector which is of high demand and offering good quality products can never guarantee a good return on investment. People tend to believe that since they offer great quality products or services, their business is going to flourish in no time. But the fact is, the right marketing strategy is the backbone of any business.

Types of Marketing

When it comes to types of marketing, there are two main categories of it. And the factor that makes this divide is the thing that has even changed our everyday life and that is the Internet.  Internet has divided marketing into

1. Traditional Marketing which includes marketing methods like print ads, radio or television commercials, coupons, phone calls etc. It mainly consists of marketing methods which do not need the internet.

2. Digital Marketing which includes marketing methods Pay Per Click, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Email Marketing etc. These methods are completely dependent on the internet.

Is Traditional Marketing Still Relevant ?

Yes, of course it is relevant and it’s not that traditional marketing has become ineffective. It does have its audience and is still effective in promoting a brand.

Though we have seen a slight decline in the usage of some traditional ways, marketing methods like print media marketing, broadcast marketing, out of home(OOH) marketing, event marketing, telemarketing are still very much in use and no way traditional marketing is dead.

So when traditional marketing is still going strong, what is the significance of Digital Marketing ? What gives Digital Marketing an edge over traditional marketing?  These are what we are going to explore in this article.

A fun fact before getting into the details, most of the traditional marketing ads are unavoidable, but you have the option to skip most of the digital marketing ads.

Importance of Digital Marketing And Why Your Business Needs It

To understand why every business needs digital marketing, it is important to understand the benefits of it. The advantages of digital marketing includes

1. Reach

One of the biggest drawback of traditional marketing is that it cannot go beyond a region but digital marketing does not have such boundaries and also you can create highly customized ads for different cities and countries.

As you know, there is a very high increase in the number of smartphone users and nowadays people spend more time on their phone rather than other media like TV.

And most of the people are always busy with their social media profiles like Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat etc. This increases the possibilities of marketing methods like Social Media Marketing (SMM) and Pay Per Click (PPC).

2. Conversion

Traditional marketing audiences are less driven towards conversion than that of digital marketing. Progression towards conversion involves easy and less steps in case of digital marketing and thus it has much better conversion rates than traditional marketing.

Speed of conversion in digital marketing is extremely fast compared to that of traditional marketing.

3. Flexibility

There is a wide variety of forms of digital marketing that you can choose from. For example, email marketing, content marketing, pay per click, banner ads, facebook marketing, instagram marketing and the list goes on.

The option for testing and stopping the campaigns that are not doing well makes digital marketing highly flexible than traditional marketing. Also in case of digital marketing you can make any change to your ad by editing it and this is not possible in traditional marketing.

4. Interactivity

Digital marketing allows the audience to interact through social media comments, website comments, messages etc. Such interactions make the customer feel that their opinions or thoughts are valued and they are respected.

Your audience can instantly connect with you through various channels. This increases customer relationships and better  customer relationships lead to a trust in the brand.

In case of traditional marketing, the communications are mostly one-way and thus the interactivity is very less or sometimes zero.

5. Tracking

Tracking is a wide aspect in the case of digital marketing as it lets you track many things from interests of your potential customers to your ad campaign results. But this is not possible in traditional marketing methods.

When you are spending a huge amount of money in traditional marketing, you don’t know how successful it is going to be and you can’t measure anything clearly. And the ease of measuring everything is a very big advantage of digital marketing. You can have a clear report of everything like number of audience, conversion rate, cost per ad, sales, return on investment etc.

6. Affordability

Compared to other marketing methods, the costs of digital marketing methods are considerably less. Unlike many traditional marketing methods, digital marketing does not involve any hidden costs.

Digital marketing strategies can definitely save a lot of money compared to traditional methods like  print media marketing and broadcast marketing.

7. Effectiveness

When it comes to effectiveness, your return on investment (ROI) decides whether your marketing was successful or not. Undoubtedly, by paying less and gaining more, digital marketing allows you to get better ROI than in case of traditional marketing.

Also digital marketing strategies easily allow you to compete with very big brands in the digital world with a very less cost.

Traditional Marketing vs Digital Marketing

In conclusion, though there is a slight decline in the use of traditional marketing ways, still it is not ineffective nor has it become old fashioned.  But digital marketing clearly has an edge over traditional marketing. And usage of digital marketing is sure to give great results for any kind of business at a much cheaper rate than that of traditional marketing .

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