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SEO Tactics That Will Help You Win in 2019

By stepon / On October 26, 2019 / In seo

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) can make your business succeed in no time. No other medium can provide such audience with high conversion rates.

For any online business, whether it is an eCommerce store selling goods or a startup offering services, optimization for search engines is essential.

Optimizing web pages for search engines is a technical process and you have to update your strategies to maintain the #1 spot in SERPs.

For instance, if you implement strategies that used to work in 2018, your rankings will go down as core algorithms have changed altogether.

If you’re looking forward to win your business with SEO, implement these tactics and grow like a BOSS:

#1. Optimize Your Voice Search

Wordstream shared statistics about voice search and it was surely a surprise. According to the recent stats, voice searches will increase by 50% or more in 2019.

This is due to the ease-of-search as users like to speak rather than typing the queries.

It is the real concern that if you’re not optimizing your web pages for voice search, you’re missing a lot. Devices like Amazon Alexa, Google Home and the apple’s Siri has promoted the voice search and the trend will improve further.

To optimize for voice search, an easy strategy is to focus on query-based-keywords.

For example:

A voice searcher will search for “what do alligators eat?” rather than asking for “alligators diet”.


#2. Improve User Experience

What if your website is not good at user end but the content you published is amazing?

You’ll lose rankings in no time. With search engines algorithms becoming more intelligent, bots now measure the time spent for each organic visit a page gets.

Google takes help from its Analytics and third-party trackers to measure the time spent on each page. The organic visits your web page fetches are measured and tracked, if the user stays for long and enjoys browsing around, it gets a better user experience score. With better UX score, your have strong chances to maintain the #1 spot.

Focus on user experience, make sure content offers great readability and site design is easy to navigate.

#3. Improve Link Juice

Link juice stands for the quality of backlinks that a web page is being linked to. 

When it comes to backlinks, all that matters is relevancy. If your website is getting backlinks from relevant authority sites, you’re likely to earn a better spot in SERPs.

Improving link juice means a link building strategy that helps you earn links from relevant websites. Guest posting, utilizing broken links are the most effective strategies at the moment. Backlinks is one of the core ranking factors, if you’re not building links, you are risking your rankings for sure.

#4. Focus on YouTube SEO

YouTube is the second most visited website on the internet and its ranking algorithms are similar to that of Google.

Video offers highest engagement, and with YouTube, you can market your business to a wider audience for free.

Online businesses are shifting to video content and using YouTube for growth. The similar strategy is being implemented by influencers to promote their services. You can boost your business, too if you optimize your video content with YouTube. Refer to YouTube SEO guide by Brian Dean to optimize for both; YouTube and Google.

The Bottom Line

About SEO, you should keep an eye on the algorithm updates. For that you should follow official webmaster blogs, SEO authority blogs like Moz, Search Engine Watch, and Search Engine Journal and learn about the changes being made. If you’re not implementing the updated changes to algorithms, you can’t sustain the #1 spot. Stay updated and yes, follow the strategies that SEOs recommend.