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A Comprehensive Study On Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

By stepon / On January 11, 2023 / In seo

What exactly is a conversion ?

A website visitor completing an action which serves any purpose of the website can  be called as a conversion. Some of the examples of a conversion are buying a product from the website, requesting for a quotation, creating an account on the website, subscribing to a website service.

Calculation of Conversion Rate

The definition of conversion rate is the percentage of site visitors who complete an action which is set as the goal of the website. Dividing total number of conversions by the total number of visitors and multiplying it by 100 gives the conversion rate of a website. Below image depict the conversion rate formula

Conversion Rate Formula

Conversion Rate Optimization And Its Importance

The process of increasing the conversion rate of a website is known as Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO). This is the basic definition of CRO which emphasizes numbers and statistics.

In a comprehensive way, CRO can be defined as the process of understanding and implementing actions that direct, stop and convince your site visitors to take an action through giving them the best user experience.

Lets analyse the flow of a website traffic

Several FUNNELS bring users to your website.

Certain SHORTFALLS make them leave the website.

Specific ATTRACTIONS convince them to take action.

When you start working on improving conversions, you will come to know that all problems are not calculable. Yes, there are cases in which a technical glitch of the website is blocking your visitors from performing an action. In those cases, fixing that glitch will make it work for you. But imagine a condition in which your website is working perfectly but still your conversion rate is not increasing. This is when you will have to delve deeper into a situation to take actions that will help to make it work for your business. And this is where the usage of conversion rate optimization is important.

Pages Highly Potential of CRO Benefits

There are some pages which have the potential to be very highly benefited from conversion rate optimization. They are

1. Homapage – Homepage is the primary choice for CRO. Homepage not only gives the first impression of the website to the user, but also plays an important role in  guiding the visitor further into the website. You can do this by providing information that entices the viewers and persuades them to stay.

2. Pricing Page – Pricing page is a very important section where visitors make a decision. In this page, a visitor can be converted into a customer by tempting ways of displaying the pricing, describing user benefits connected with each price and by providing contact options to request for a quote.

3. Blog Pages – A blog has an ability to bring more visitors into your website. And proper CRO in blog pages can highly increase the conversion rate of the website. You need to publish content about your industry which will be helpful for your visitors and include a call-to-action option for the reader to contact you.

4. Landing pages – As the purpose of landing pages is to make a visitor take an action, obviously they have the highest conversion rate of all pages. A landing page can be optimized by focusing on providing detailed information about the benefits of the users.

Elements Of Successful CRO

There are many factors ranging from design of the website to performing tests to measure the performance of the website, that make the process of CRO successful. Depending upon the industry there are lots and lots of things that you can do to optimize your conversion rate. Let’s go through some of the core elements, regardless of industry

1. Design – A website which has focused on it’s aesthetics to give a pleasing experience to the visitors has more chance of converting visitor into a customer.

The ability of a website to be very clearly and easily accessible from any screens of any size is an important factor of CRO.

2. Loading Time – The fact that the longer loading time of a website will make the visitor discontinue and go elsewhere makes the site speed an essential part of CRO.

Decreasing image file sizes and removing elements that slow down the website ensure fast load time.

3. Web Copy – Web copy means the words the visitors read on your website. Rather than filling up the spaces with sentences, a web copy must be able to speak to the specific needs of your audience.

This is also a factor where audience research comes into play. If your web copy addresses the struggles of your targeted audience, they will be easily convinced to try your service.

4. Navigation  – The structure of your website should be in such a way that it is easy for the users to navigate.

Not removing the links of pages that do not exist and keeping some pages buried with more than 3 clicks from the home page and all are some bad practices which affect the user experience.

5. Proper Placing of CTAs – It is found that even after placing enticing CTAs in the pages, websites failed to direct visitors to perform desired actions. This happens because it is not about how attractive the CTA looks and it’s all about proper and visibly you place it.  

6. High-Converting Pop-Ups –  Well designed and placed pop-ups are very useful to attract the attention of a visitor and offer value.

7. Run Tests On Landing pages – Landing page is an integral part of online marketing toolkit and extremely useful in increasing conversion rate.

Performing A/B tests on landing pages to figure out the best design and content for your audience will allow you to optimize your landing pages.

8. Analysis Of Performance – A quantitative analysis of the performance of the website through tools like Google Analytics is very important to understand the current status and take necessary actions to optimize conversion rate.

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Are you facing the problem of low conversion rate from your website?

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